Agatat Gold company is the legal successor of legendary Tavush wine and cognac factory which was established in 1969. Our vision was to create a distinctively bold, yet remarkably smooth Cognac. The result is that each bottle is created as a unique expression of the traditional nowadays of the Agatat and is part of an iconic collection. Agatat Gold has several productions but all those connects quality and the unique taste.
The blending of grades of grapes is fundamental, as it guarantees a particular style and distinct mode of expression.

To provide our customers with qualified product, high test peculiarities, obtunding of respect and confidence of the customers not only in Armenia and also worldwide…

Agatat-Gold cherishes a solid belief: that a great cognac is above all a great white wine. -The identity of this wine is imprinted beneath our feet, at the heart of a living land in  Armenia what has evolved over thousands of years. Wines form the link between the earth and the heavens, replete with vagaries and caprices. They infuse the grapes with a character extracted from this unique, unparalleled place, imbued with a temporality that commands the here and now. Cognac embodies a perpetual quest for balance between consistency and virtuosity.

Since its inception,  vision of four generations of Cellar Masters dedicated to selecting, blending and ageing the most extraordinary сcollections of cognac  have contributed to perpetuate the pursuit of excellence and the transmission of such timeless treasure.

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